Thursday, February 10, 2011

OhMyGod Shoess

     Shoes. Oh, it's just a word that I drool over.  My mother always makes fun of me because the stack of shoe boxes in my closet goes half way up the wall.  I say, that's a damn accomplishment.  You would never know how picky I was about my shoes if you took a look in my closet.  However, my collection has been built over years and years of searching for the right types of shoes for all different occasions.  Sure, you've got your typical running sneakers, (which I don't use half as often as I should) your sneakers you wear for the sake of fashion, my favorite are a pair of white Nike's with metallic silver front and end caps and a metallic pink swoosh.  And you've always got your flats.  Flats are a magnificent style of shoe that you can wear with pretty much any outfit.  And there is such a range of styles now that picking out a simple black flat, isn't such an easy task anymore.  My favorite flats are my Steve Madden clear jelly's.  C'mon I'm an 80's baby how could I not buy them.  But as great as all these styles are, I think the shoes that can really define a person's style are yup! you guessed it, heels. 
     What I love is that heels, a pair of shoes that are generally associated with fancy occasions could really be worn anywhere.  There are so many different styles of heels, from casual to, "I can only wear these once a year so they don't get ruined."  Although I founded my love of heels in high school, I really didn't have an appreciation for them until college. My first two years in school I went to a Liberal Arts college in Western Massachusetts where I studied business.  As great as that was, it just wasn't for me.  While I was there though, I joined the Pi Upsilon Omega sorority and the heels started piling up.  Although sororities are much more than parties, that is the area that I need to talk about.  Parties, parties, parties.  They were an amazing excuse to go out an buy a new pair of heels.  "Well, we're having an 80's party and I don't have any shoes to wear."  "Well I don't have any shoes to wear for the party on Saturday."  It was fantastic.  It gave me an almost legitimate excuse to go out and buy heels, I was in love.  Then when I transferred to school in Boston I began a whole new appreciation for heels.  People actually wore them to class!  See that's the great thing about being a fashion major.  People can wear anything to school and no one questions you because it's fashion. 
     I was recently obsessed with a certain heel.  The Victoria G, from Bakers.  Their a 5 1/4 inch heel, (I'm really short) with a 1 1/4 inch platform with a rounded toe and their FABULOUS!  A lot of glittery shoes came out after the opening scene from last summer's Sex and the City 2.  Carrie hails a cab wearing a pair of Louboutin gold glitter pumps and let's be honest, the majority of us can't go out and spend nine hundred dollars on a pair of shoes.  So the great thing was all of the affordable companies, like Bakers, Steve Madden, Aldo etc. made similar styles at affordable prices.  Well I saw the Victoria G at Bakers and knew I had to have them.  Problem: they were all out not only in the store, but online as well.  I searched for a few months and had finally given up hope.  One day, about three months ago I was shopping with a friend and saw them at Bakers in a mall I hadn't been to yet.  Now the question was, do I pay the $85 that I don't really have or do I wait until I have a bit more money and come back and hope their still there.  Well I grew up with a mother who is queen of "It'll be there next time."  Guess what, it never was.  So I went for it and not one day has gone by where I regret it. 
     Since then I have aquired a few more pairs of heels and my collection isn't going to stop anytime soon. 


Booties are a great type of heel.  It is not always an easy task finding a pair of heels that you can dress up and wear with a nice cocktail dress, or dress down and wear with a pair of jeans.  Well booties are those kinds of shoes, black ones especially.  I have a pair of Steve Madden Luxe booties that are fabulous for any occassion.  They're black suade with three rusted gold chains dangling in the front.  Not only are they extremely versatile but man are they comfortable.  That is something I have found about booties over the past months that made me fall in love with them.  I'm all for giving up comfort for the sake of fashion, but if you can have your heels and be comfortable too, why not?  Almost every major shoe store carries booties. My suggestions: Bakers, Steve Madden, DSW, and Aldo

 LUZIER ankle boot by Aldo

"Fashion is the most powerful art there is. Its movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are, and who we'd like to be." -Blair Waldorf

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