Friday, February 18, 2011

Lace is more

What beautiful weather here in Massachusetts.  There is no weather more inspiring than a massive thunder and lightening storm.  And no, I'm not kidding.  So as I feel the inspiration flowing through me, for more reasons than just the weather I felt a blog coming on.  For the past week I have practically been on my death bed with the flu which isn't great for everyday functionality.  Alas I am recovering and feeling much better and now more overwhelmed than prior to being ill.  I have just been given the Grand Puba of projects in school and man o' man is school going to own my ass for the next month.  Research paper, shadow box, four shadow box installation in the main gallery of school, and garment to create for a fashion show in April.  Sound like fun to you?  Well as much of an undertaking as all this work is, I cannot wait for all of the final products. (Besides the research paper, who really gives a shit)  I must say what I'm looking forward to most is creating a garment for a fashion show.  I have enlisted my loving fraternity brother Myles (Who is a fabulous aspiring model) to be my model for the show.  It will be an amazing experience and if I can really pull this off, what a fantastic piece for my portfolio.  But!  this is not a blog about me, it happens to be about fashion.  So, let's get going here.  Less is more? nope, LACE is more!  Who doesn't love a little lace to spice up an outfit.  And ladies, lace isn't just for your undergarments anymore.  Lace accents to dresses, tee's, skirts, have become huge over the past few months and I personally am loving this trend. 


I was watching E! News yesterday and I saw the most amazing thing.  Betsey Johnson, you are a genius!  See, Betsey has always been one of my favorite designers.  Who doesn't love her eccentricity.  But what I saw for her new line the other day, boggled my mind.  Betsey took a piece of lace fabric and wrapped it around a models head.  Then she proceeded to take a black temporary hair-dye spray and spray the models hair.  When she removed the lace, there was a pattern of the lace in the models hair.  HOLY SHIT!  What a great freaking idea.  Hair accessory, without an actual accessory.  I am in love and let me tell you, if I ever get an opportunity where using the methods fits, I sure as hell am going to.

Back to lacey, lace, lace.  One of the greatest ways to use lace is a lace overlay.  Placing lace on top of another fabric, typically of a different color is a fantastic way to spice up an outfit.  Betsey Johnson is a designer who loves to use lace.  And with her intense designs she utilizes it well. 
Evening Bam Bam Full Dress

I don't see lace going anywhere anytime soon.  Lace will always be around to add a sexy accent to your lingerie, but I don't see lace accent and entirely lace outfits going anywhere.  Party dresses with lace accents are particularly fantastic and Nordstrom does a great job with theirs, especially in their BP section.  If you don't feel like braving a lace outfit then grab a lacey shoe.  Lot's of heels now have lace overlays to add some pizazz to the typical high heel.  

Bakers: Vickie heel

Lastly, and what I am falling in love with are lace accents on handbags.  Not as popular as on garments or shoes, but lace handbags are a beautiful accessory for a simple outfit.  So easily dressed up or down a lace handbag can look great with any outfit, especially monotone.  

Bakers: Lauren II Handbag

My suggestion:  I personally have been feeling in a funk lately and one thing I love to do when I'm in a funk, shop.  I love to buy a new shirt or shoe to pick me up when I'm feeling down.  So my suggestion, buy a lace accessory, trust me it'll make you feel better!

Well, the lightening has told me it is time to shut down my computer so this is goodbye for now!  I'll leave you with a few great lace party dresses until next time...

Weigh-In-Lace one shoulder dress   Free People sleeveless lace dress
          $74.00                             $138.00

Thursday, February 10, 2011

OhMyGod Shoess

     Shoes. Oh, it's just a word that I drool over.  My mother always makes fun of me because the stack of shoe boxes in my closet goes half way up the wall.  I say, that's a damn accomplishment.  You would never know how picky I was about my shoes if you took a look in my closet.  However, my collection has been built over years and years of searching for the right types of shoes for all different occasions.  Sure, you've got your typical running sneakers, (which I don't use half as often as I should) your sneakers you wear for the sake of fashion, my favorite are a pair of white Nike's with metallic silver front and end caps and a metallic pink swoosh.  And you've always got your flats.  Flats are a magnificent style of shoe that you can wear with pretty much any outfit.  And there is such a range of styles now that picking out a simple black flat, isn't such an easy task anymore.  My favorite flats are my Steve Madden clear jelly's.  C'mon I'm an 80's baby how could I not buy them.  But as great as all these styles are, I think the shoes that can really define a person's style are yup! you guessed it, heels. 
     What I love is that heels, a pair of shoes that are generally associated with fancy occasions could really be worn anywhere.  There are so many different styles of heels, from casual to, "I can only wear these once a year so they don't get ruined."  Although I founded my love of heels in high school, I really didn't have an appreciation for them until college. My first two years in school I went to a Liberal Arts college in Western Massachusetts where I studied business.  As great as that was, it just wasn't for me.  While I was there though, I joined the Pi Upsilon Omega sorority and the heels started piling up.  Although sororities are much more than parties, that is the area that I need to talk about.  Parties, parties, parties.  They were an amazing excuse to go out an buy a new pair of heels.  "Well, we're having an 80's party and I don't have any shoes to wear."  "Well I don't have any shoes to wear for the party on Saturday."  It was fantastic.  It gave me an almost legitimate excuse to go out and buy heels, I was in love.  Then when I transferred to school in Boston I began a whole new appreciation for heels.  People actually wore them to class!  See that's the great thing about being a fashion major.  People can wear anything to school and no one questions you because it's fashion. 
     I was recently obsessed with a certain heel.  The Victoria G, from Bakers.  Their a 5 1/4 inch heel, (I'm really short) with a 1 1/4 inch platform with a rounded toe and their FABULOUS!  A lot of glittery shoes came out after the opening scene from last summer's Sex and the City 2.  Carrie hails a cab wearing a pair of Louboutin gold glitter pumps and let's be honest, the majority of us can't go out and spend nine hundred dollars on a pair of shoes.  So the great thing was all of the affordable companies, like Bakers, Steve Madden, Aldo etc. made similar styles at affordable prices.  Well I saw the Victoria G at Bakers and knew I had to have them.  Problem: they were all out not only in the store, but online as well.  I searched for a few months and had finally given up hope.  One day, about three months ago I was shopping with a friend and saw them at Bakers in a mall I hadn't been to yet.  Now the question was, do I pay the $85 that I don't really have or do I wait until I have a bit more money and come back and hope their still there.  Well I grew up with a mother who is queen of "It'll be there next time."  Guess what, it never was.  So I went for it and not one day has gone by where I regret it. 
     Since then I have aquired a few more pairs of heels and my collection isn't going to stop anytime soon. 


Booties are a great type of heel.  It is not always an easy task finding a pair of heels that you can dress up and wear with a nice cocktail dress, or dress down and wear with a pair of jeans.  Well booties are those kinds of shoes, black ones especially.  I have a pair of Steve Madden Luxe booties that are fabulous for any occassion.  They're black suade with three rusted gold chains dangling in the front.  Not only are they extremely versatile but man are they comfortable.  That is something I have found about booties over the past months that made me fall in love with them.  I'm all for giving up comfort for the sake of fashion, but if you can have your heels and be comfortable too, why not?  Almost every major shoe store carries booties. My suggestions: Bakers, Steve Madden, DSW, and Aldo

 LUZIER ankle boot by Aldo

"Fashion is the most powerful art there is. Its movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are, and who we'd like to be." -Blair Waldorf

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's been a long time coming...

Two years ago when I transferred to school in Boston and became a Fashion and Retail Management major, blogging has been on my mind. Will anyone be interested in what I have to say? Am I qualified to make assessments in the fashion world? What if people don't like the things I say? These are all the questions furiously invading my mind that kept me from creating this blog for so long. Then, about a week ago I discovered my cousins blog and immediately immersed myself in the world he had created in the blogosphere. I was not only amazed by the product in which he had created but the courage it takes to put your work and writing out for public viewing. I found his blog (where he posts food recipes he has created and the steps to follow in text and pictures)inspiring, and practically obsessing over it for the past week I finally got that last kick of courage I needed to create my very own blog.

So here's the skinny...

Trends. One simple compact word that holds so much power in the fashion industry. Basically it's, stay on top of the latest trend or you have no fashion sense. I am all for self expression and I believe in being your own person. So I bet you're thinking, "Then why the hell do you want to be a part of the fashion industry?" Yes, fashion can be about following the masses but what about trend forecasting, trendsetters, the leaders in the fashion world who put new styles on the map? Revert back to Chanel's little black dress. Try and tell me you do not or have not owned a little black dress at some point. The great thing about fashion is that it is never finished. (Thank you The Social Network for that little tid bit) Fashion is always evolving and a new trend is created about as often as the newest cellphone is put out onto the market. By that yes, I do mean constantly. So to my mission: Follow these incoming and outgoing trends. Which ones will work? Which ones will just be a quick fad? These are the key questions to take into consideration when something new hits the shelves. Each week I will profile a different trend I have spotted and have taken an interest in. But wait, there's more. I have complied and extensive collection of sketches throughout the years that I have never quite had the chutzpah to put out there for the public to see. I figure at this point why not? So here goes nothing...

TREND OF THE WEEK: Cropped shirts

Their baaacckk. As most of us know fashion tends to be a circle. If you see an item disappear, there is a good chance it will make it's return 10-20 years later. Well my friends, the cropped shirt has done just that. I cannot say I fully support this everygrowing trend, I myself being the average American girl not weighing 100 pounds and comfortably flashing my stomach off however, I do own a few of these cropped shirts that I pair with a simple tank underneath. It is a great way to wear something you may not typically decide is something that would flatter your figure. But alas, they are popping up in every store, in every variety, in every color. My suggestions: Victoria's Secret and Urban Outfitters. They've got a great selection of cropped tees in a range of all different styles.

Both from Urban Outfitters