Friday, February 18, 2011

Lace is more

What beautiful weather here in Massachusetts.  There is no weather more inspiring than a massive thunder and lightening storm.  And no, I'm not kidding.  So as I feel the inspiration flowing through me, for more reasons than just the weather I felt a blog coming on.  For the past week I have practically been on my death bed with the flu which isn't great for everyday functionality.  Alas I am recovering and feeling much better and now more overwhelmed than prior to being ill.  I have just been given the Grand Puba of projects in school and man o' man is school going to own my ass for the next month.  Research paper, shadow box, four shadow box installation in the main gallery of school, and garment to create for a fashion show in April.  Sound like fun to you?  Well as much of an undertaking as all this work is, I cannot wait for all of the final products. (Besides the research paper, who really gives a shit)  I must say what I'm looking forward to most is creating a garment for a fashion show.  I have enlisted my loving fraternity brother Myles (Who is a fabulous aspiring model) to be my model for the show.  It will be an amazing experience and if I can really pull this off, what a fantastic piece for my portfolio.  But!  this is not a blog about me, it happens to be about fashion.  So, let's get going here.  Less is more? nope, LACE is more!  Who doesn't love a little lace to spice up an outfit.  And ladies, lace isn't just for your undergarments anymore.  Lace accents to dresses, tee's, skirts, have become huge over the past few months and I personally am loving this trend. 


I was watching E! News yesterday and I saw the most amazing thing.  Betsey Johnson, you are a genius!  See, Betsey has always been one of my favorite designers.  Who doesn't love her eccentricity.  But what I saw for her new line the other day, boggled my mind.  Betsey took a piece of lace fabric and wrapped it around a models head.  Then she proceeded to take a black temporary hair-dye spray and spray the models hair.  When she removed the lace, there was a pattern of the lace in the models hair.  HOLY SHIT!  What a great freaking idea.  Hair accessory, without an actual accessory.  I am in love and let me tell you, if I ever get an opportunity where using the methods fits, I sure as hell am going to.

Back to lacey, lace, lace.  One of the greatest ways to use lace is a lace overlay.  Placing lace on top of another fabric, typically of a different color is a fantastic way to spice up an outfit.  Betsey Johnson is a designer who loves to use lace.  And with her intense designs she utilizes it well. 
Evening Bam Bam Full Dress

I don't see lace going anywhere anytime soon.  Lace will always be around to add a sexy accent to your lingerie, but I don't see lace accent and entirely lace outfits going anywhere.  Party dresses with lace accents are particularly fantastic and Nordstrom does a great job with theirs, especially in their BP section.  If you don't feel like braving a lace outfit then grab a lacey shoe.  Lot's of heels now have lace overlays to add some pizazz to the typical high heel.  

Bakers: Vickie heel

Lastly, and what I am falling in love with are lace accents on handbags.  Not as popular as on garments or shoes, but lace handbags are a beautiful accessory for a simple outfit.  So easily dressed up or down a lace handbag can look great with any outfit, especially monotone.  

Bakers: Lauren II Handbag

My suggestion:  I personally have been feeling in a funk lately and one thing I love to do when I'm in a funk, shop.  I love to buy a new shirt or shoe to pick me up when I'm feeling down.  So my suggestion, buy a lace accessory, trust me it'll make you feel better!

Well, the lightening has told me it is time to shut down my computer so this is goodbye for now!  I'll leave you with a few great lace party dresses until next time...

Weigh-In-Lace one shoulder dress   Free People sleeveless lace dress
          $74.00                             $138.00

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